Phaktionz is a trading card game (TCG) being made and developed by Casual Card Cafe, and it's content being driven focussed as a community involved card game. The whole objective of the game is to make your opponent deck out or in other words have no cards left in their deck, and this can be done in various ways.

If you would like to view this locally, do the following:

# Clone the git repository
$ git clone
# Install mdbook
$ cargo install mdbook
# Now use the mdbook serve command
$ mdbook serve Phaktionz-Book


Before continuing onto the various aspects of Phaktionz, if you would like to learn Phaktionz from directly on a Command Line, (currently only for Mac and Linux), then you may install doing the following commands:

# Make sure rust is installed
$ curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh
 # Install git 
$ sudo apt install git-all # Debian Linux Example
$ git --version # MacOS example
# Install MDBook
$ cargo install mdbook
# Install Phaktionz
$ cargo install phaktionz